Case Study: Chemical Manufacturer

How we moved a manufacturing company from paper-based process to real-time collaboration


When a large San Antonio-based chemical wholesaler started working with Pyxis, they had a few concerns with their revenue operations due to their marketing, sales, and customer success teams being siloed and disconnected from one another. Pyxis saw that there was an opportunity for a digital transformation project that could connect multiple teams at the company and lead to significant improvements in operations.

What were the company’s main challenges?

Marketing channels couldn’t connect to the legacy CRM, and the sales team had no reporting functionality other than a series of spreadsheets. This meant the two teams were working with different data sets to make decisions. The customer success team also had a mostly offline process that included filling out paper fulfillment forms and physically handing them off at the distribution warehouse. “We had to basically find where the pieces of paper were… it was like trying to go through a scavenger hunt,” said their Director of Global Sales and Customer Experience. Additionally, the company had no system in place to gather feedback from their customers. 

Together, all these issues resulted in disconnection between customer-facing departments and an inability to see what was working and what wasn’t. “Having everyone align and communicate when there was no single source of truth was really hard,” said the Lead Digital Marketing Strategist. 

Pyxis’ goal was to help the team bring all these disconnected systems and processes in line so the entire organization could point toward sustainable growth.

What solutions did Pyxis Growth Partners implement?

Pyxis was able to bring all of the chemical wholesaler’s marketing channels, sales activities, forms and their entire website into one cohesive system using HubSpot.

Pyxis created the following for the team in Hubspot:

  • An automated process for assigning marketing leads to sales, and qualified sales leads to account managers
  • A deal pipeline that was customized to their specific business needs
  • Accurate forecasting and quota attainment tracking
  • Custom quote templates
  • A complete product library representing over 4500 different products and order quantities
  • A post-sales process that seamlessly and digitally incorporates handoffs to back-office and warehouse teams

We trained each sales rep on how they could save time by using HubSpot and its various sales tools, including templates, meeting links, activity logging and tracking, and task management. We also implemented an automated chat function on their website so that prospects and customers could easily reach the right person for questions and/or quote requests.

On the customer success side, Pyxis implemented a ticketing process that enabled sales to immediately hand off closed-won deals to operations for order fulfillment. This replaced a legacy process involving color-coded forms that were passed between departments. This helps the company’s teams to collaborate more efficiently and move faster in identifying when to involve an outside order.

Additionally, they’re able to track how quickly orders are being fulfilled and shipped.

They are now able to gather and analyze customer feedback through the automated survey process that we’ve implemented for them. Pyxis also implemented an automated feedback survey process to get timely input from new and existing customers about their recent experience with the wholesaler.

Additionally, we’ve established meaningful reporting that includes visualization of marketing, sales and customer success metrics through the use of HubSpot’s analytics tools, custom reports, and dashboards. 

What are the outcomes?

With all of these process changes, added data visibility, and access to timely feedback, the company has seen increased revenue, improved order fulfillment time, and improved NPS scores, and stronger relationships with third-party vendors. Accurate and visible data has also helped them improve their marketing ROI and reporting for stakeholders.

Since adopting HubSpot and supporting processes, the company has seen:

A sixfold increase in tracked sales activity.

A significant decrease in the time to fill orders (from 52 days down to 7).

An increase in marketing qualified leads

Additionally, they have seen a 48% decrease in average lead response time.

What’s been the impact for the company?

We asked leaders at the company what the impact had been from moving to HubSpot and working with Pyxis Growth Partners. Here’s what they had to say:

“HubSpot has been tremendously helpful for us. Now we don’t have to hand-deliver any documents. Everything is in a ticket, and any department personnel can see all the documents attached to it, and we can send messages if we’re missing information. It’s been a great tool for us,” said their Manager of Operations and Logistics. 

“Pyxis has been great. Every time we’ve had an issue or a customization, or we wanted to try out something new, they have always jumped on it. I don’t know where we would be without Pyxis’ support,” said their Director of Global Sales and Customer Experience

“Pyxis has had open communication, and the ability to jump on something when it’s time-sensitive is amazing. The training videos, the organization, and the way things are set up help everybody get a clear picture of it, even if they’re jumping in months later or watching a video for training. It’s made pushing HubSpot to the whole organization five times easier to have all this documentation and notes, and to have Pyxis able to jump in at a moment’s notice to help,” said the Lead Digital Marketing Strategist.

He added, “Before, there was a lot of delay on getting pricing to customers, a lot of delay on understanding where these leads were coming from and the impact they had on the core business. With HubSpot in place, our team is now able to put together quotes and get customer feedback much quicker. That’s improving the overall experience for customers, which is the most important part of it.”

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