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How we help CROs

As a CRO, you need to have a 30,000 foot view of how your sales, marketing, and service teams (as well as their tech and processes) are working together to meet your company’s revenue goals. The team at Pyxis can work with you as a strategic partner, helping you look across your customer-facing teams to ensure data alignment, platform effectiveness, and cross-team coordination. We specialize in keeping revenue teams working toward a common goal and helping revenue leaders identify and develop opportunities for collaboration, cross-sells, upsells, and renewals.

What we do

System evaluation

When you’re trying to keep your teams in alignment and work with accurate and timely data, a solid revenue tech stack is going to be key to your success. Whether your current stack is disconnected, disparate, or just generally a data nightmare, the solution isn’t to try to bolt it together. You need a partner who can work with you to identify the right tools and best practices to help you and your teams succeed. We can work with you to evaluate what you have, look for redundancies, and identify points of failure that are preventing your tech stack from complementing your teams’ processes effectively. 

Strategy development

If you’ve been looking at HubSpot and think it might be a good solution to your tech stack problems, but are concerned about the effort or time involved in making the switch, a strategic partner like Pyxis can be helpful. We can help you run a full evaluation of HubSpot and map out what the onboarding and implementation process will look like. If you decide you’re ready to make the switch, Pyxis can help you make the transition and support change management initiatives, allowing your internal teams to stay focused on what they’re best at. 

Ongoing strategic support

If your company already has HubSpot, but you’re not sure you’re using it to its full power, reach out! We can audit your system to find out which tools your teams are using, how they’re currently using them, and where there are gaps in your visibility. From there, we can make recommendations to help get you on the right path. If you need support in key areas, we can work alongside you and your internal teams to ensure you’re getting the most out of your HubSpot subscription.

Why work with Pyxis?

We’re a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner with over a decade of HubSpot expertise under our belts. We are able to recommend and implement the right HubSpot configuration to meet virtually any requirements, including custom integrations where they’re needed, and can train your team on how these tools can supercharge their processes so they can meet their performance goals.

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