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At Pyxis Growth Partners, we’ve built our name and client base by developing and delivering smart, strategic sales and marketing operations programs that get results. We’ve been a HubSpot partner since 2012, and are now a Diamond Solutions Partner.

What’s Pyxis?

Pyxis is a constellation in the southern sky of a nautical compass. We think companies face a similar challenge to what navigators used to face: knowing where they want to go, but not being sure how to get there. Our goal is to help chart the path for them and get them where they want to be.

What do we do?

HubSpot CRM Implementation

Your CRM is the foundation for your marketing, sales and support teams. If it isn’t set up correctly, you’ll run into data and reporting challenges down the line. That’s why we’ve developed a standard process for implementing HubSpot that includes automation, integrations, reporting, and alignment across teams. We set up a strong foundation so that your customer-facing teams can succeed.

Once we’ve completed the implementation, we also work with our clients to provide onboarding and training development services to bring their teams onto the platform.

HubSpot Migration

If you’re looking to get started on HubSpot, moving your data might be one thing that’s holding you back. We work with companies that need to migrate onto HubSpot by developing a project plan, mapping out the process, and carefully moving data onto the new system. 

Custom Integrations

If your CRM is going to be at the heart of everything you do (and for most companies, it should be), you need all of your business data there. If you have an important system that isn’t integrated, we can work with you to develop data requirements, syncing logic, and infrastructure needs to create a custom integration into HubSpot.

Revenue Operations

No CRM can maintain itself, which is why we offer revenue operations services. Having your marketing, sales and services teams work out of one system can yield huge benefits, but it also requires support and coordination. 

Revenue operations encompasses all of the supporting services necessary to keep your CRM working for all of your teams. 

Account-based Marketing

A solid ABM strategy requires a strong foundation, clean data, coordinated teams, as well as demand generation and sales enablement strategies that are on the same page. If you’re trying to execute an ABM strategy or transition to one, we can help. 

Starting with your target account list, we can get it implemented into HubSpot and work with your teams to transition to an ABM approach. This work is spread across the sales and marketing departments.

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