Working with us: Customer Service and Success Leaders

See how we can help you create a strong foundation so you can focus on customer satisfaction and retention


How we help service and success leaders win

  • Scale your support operations
  • Manage handoffs from sales more effectively
  • Implement upsell and customer health scores
  • Integrate custom support channels
  • Connect live chat into custom applications
  • Help integrate AI into your service and success operations, empowering your reps to handle more volume
  • Integrate custom events to track overall produce usage or advanced success metrics

How to work with us

Whether you’re frustrated by the limitations of your current tools, considering other platforms, or concerned you’re not using HubSpot to its fullest potential, we’re here to help you find the right combination of tools and processes to provide your customers with exceptional service. Here are a few of the ways we can work together:


Evaluate your current tech stack

Are you able to manage your team effectively with your current support tech stack? Do you have full visibility into the customer’s journey before they reach out to you? We know you need to be able to get a complete picture of what a customer is looking for out of their relationship with your company in order to provide excellent support, and to connect with the sales team about renewals and upsell opportunities. If your current platform doesn’t provide that visibility, it might be time to make a move to a platform that does.

Platform and integration recommendations

If you’re evaluating HubSpot’s Service Hub, we can give you independent recommendations on whether it’s the right platform to enable your support and revenue teams, and guide you toward the configuration of tools that would make the most sense for your objectives.

Custom HubSpot Implementation

If you’re ready to get started with HubSpot, we can waive the standard HubSpot onboarding fee and provide a custom implementation project that will result in a faster and easier rollout, with less footwork required on your end. The end result: a HubSpot instance set up correctly for your team’s needs, so they can start using the tools to their full potential right away.

Help you get the most out of existing HubSpot accounts

If you already have HubSpot, we can conduct an audit to understand how your teams currently use the tools available to them, and make recommendations for how you can take advantage of the full power of HubSpot— including an impressive array of new AI and automation features that can supercharge your team’s productivity.

We can develop a roadmap for your team based on your input, and partner with you to help you achieve it. We’re available for trainings or ongoing support as needed to help your teams develop the right combination of processes and tools necessary to help them achieve their goals.

Why work with Pyxis?

We’re a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner with over a decade of HubSpot expertise under our belts. We are able to recommend and implement the right HubSpot configuration to meet virtually any requirements, including custom integrations where they’re needed, and can train your team on how these tools can supercharge their processes so they can meet their performance goals.

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