HubSpot Onboarding



HubSpot is easy to use once you know the ropes, but the setup process can be time-consuming for people who haven’t done it before. After setting up HubSpot for dozens of customers, we’re experts at getting it up and running quickly.

We start with day one activities— a set of things we get set immediately so you can start getting data into the system and capturing value immediately. Then we run through an 80+ point setup process to ensure that everything is customized for your company’s unique preferences.

Working with a certified agency partner gives you some key advantages. First, you can get your HubSpot Onboarding requirement waived. Second, instead of just support on setting things up, we’ll actually manage the setup process for you. We'll also be available to work with your team on best practices for getting the most out of the tools. 

Who’s a good client?

People who are about to purchase HubSpot or are considering it. (Please note: we cannot help you waive your onboarding costs after you have already signed up).

Why this is a fit

A HubSpot agency partner can work more closely with you to understand your growth goals and get everything set up to align with those.

What’s involved?

If you’re considering HubSpot, contact us about how we can develop an onboarding plan that’s customized to your goals. We’ll help you determine priorities and hit the ground running as soon as your contract is finalized.

How long does it take?

Standard onboarding can be done in three weeks. 

Why is Pyxis good at this?

We’re experts at HubSpot. Over the years of working with the platform, we have developed a detailed process that allows us to move quickly at this and ensure nothing is overlooked.

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