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Pyxis Growth Partners has extensive experience working with private equity-backed portfolio companies that need to scale rapidly. Here’s how we support both PE firms and portfolio companies:

How we help PE firms

  • Help your portfolio companies evaluate HubSpot as a platform for their teams
  • Implement HubSpot quickly for your portfolio companies so they can focus on growth
  • Create dashboards that allow operating partners and board members to see up-to-date and accurate company performance data
  • Roll-up and integration initiatives to get teams aligned after an acquisition or merger. This may include merging multiple HubSpot instances or migrating one organization’s data from another CRM into HubSpot.
  • Integrate existing systems into HubSpot as needed, and make recommendations for supporting apps throughout the whole revenue stack.


How we help portfolio companies

  • Evaluate HubSpot and recommend the right configuration for your team
  • Implement HubSpot to the company’s needs and train your revenue teams
  • Help leadership with system adoption
  • Recommend best practices to support revenue teams
  • Build out reporting to support executive and board meetings
  • Support with advanced and custom integrations as needed

How to work with us

If you’re evaluating HubSpot, we can give you independent recommendations on whether it’s the right platform to support your revenue teams, and guide you toward the configuration that would make the most sense for your objectives. 

If you’re ready to get started with HubSpot, we can waive the standard HubSpot onboarding fee and provide a custom implementation project that will result in a faster and easier rollout.

If you already have HubSpot, we can conduct an audit to understand how your teams currently use the tools available to them, and make recommendations for how you can get the most value out of your HubSpot platform.

Why work with Pyxis?

We’ve worked with multiple portfolio companies and understand the aggressive growth goals they’re expected to meet, as well as the need for visible, accurate, and actionable data. We also have experience supporting PE-backed portfolio companies on roll-up projects to combine multiple firms into one unified CRM.

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