Account-based Marketing



Account-based marketing is a great way for businesses with complex sales processes to reach out to a target market. But getting an entire sales and marketing organization to adopt a new approach can sometimes involve frustration. That’s where we come in. With our combined knowledge of account-based marketing strategies and HubSpot’s tools, we can help your team determine the best strategies to implement for a successful ABM program. 

Who is this for? 

Pyxis’ account-based marketing services are best for companies who have already decided to implement ABM. Whether you’re just starting to refine your list of ideal customers, or you need some help getting your team on the same page, we’re happy to work alongside you to develop and execute a plan.

What does this look like? 

Our ABM services can involve different components, depending on your company’s goals and current use of account-based marketing strategies. Pyxis is able to: 

  • Orient sales and marketing teams toward a collaborative ABM strategy, including developing a lead handoff strategy
  • Implement ABM processes into your CRM and marketing tools (including identifying target account criteria, defining account tiers, customizing buying roles, developing account and contact scoring, and developing supporting marketing campaigns)
  • Help marketing target the right accounts to bring in leads
  • Help salespeople deploy sales enablement resources to reach out to the most promising leads. 
  • Track interactions with desired companies, number of live opportunities, salespeople involved, meetings, etc. (using ABM tools in HubSpot)
  • Create sales enablement collateral and tactics for specific target segments
  • Run integrated LinkedIn ABM campaigns and coordinate with the sales team on using Sales Navigator to follow up and connect


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