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How we help sales leaders win

As a sales leader, you know the importance of an up-to-date CRM— it’s how you manage, forecast revenue, and see what upsell and cross-sell opportunities there are among your customer base. But you also don’t want to burden your sales team with a complicated system when they should be focusing their time and energy on closing deals. 

In an ideal world, your CRM would support your sales reps, not create roadblocks or busywork. 

That’s where we come in; the team at Pyxis is here to help you customize your HubSpot CRM to ensure that it’s a tool that helps your sales teams rather than holding them up.  

What we do

System evaluation

If your sales team barely uses the current CRM and resorts to using spreadsheets instead, or if you find yourself exporting data for your pipeline review meetings, it may be time to find a CRM that works better for your team’s needs.

We can be a strategic partner to review your existing CRM usage, work with you to define new requirements, and determine whether it makes sense to switch to a new system or not. We can also review the other pieces of your tech stack for redundancies and to ensure that all your tools work together correctly. 

Strategy development

If you’ve decided that your team needs a new CRM and are wondering whether HubSpot could be a good fit for your sales organization, we’d be happy to talk about how it can be customized based on your goals. We’re able to help you determine whether HubSpot is the right solution for your company, assist with packaging and full solutions scoping, and help you build processes that allow your revenue teams to work together seamlessly.

Ongoing strategic support

If you already have HubSpot, there’s likely still a lot that can be done to make your sales team more efficient and provide them with timely information for pursuing new leads. Optimizing workflows for your sales team can keep them focused on what they’re good at, while reducing friction in their daily operations. That’s where working with a revenue operations team can help - we can partner with the sales team to understand what their challenges are, and also identify points of cross-team friction so that lead handoffs are smooth from marketing, and that new customers get passed onto customer success without an issue.

Why work with Pyxis?

We’re a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner with over a decade of HubSpot expertise under our belts. We are able to recommend and implement the right HubSpot configuration to meet virtually any requirements, including custom integrations where they’re needed, and can train your team on how these tools can supercharge their processes so they can meet their performance goals.

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