CRM Implementation



With proper CRM setup, sales and marketing teams can improve communication, get accurate data, and scale up their operations easily. But setting up a new CRM can be a big undertaking, particularly for sales leaders who haven’t gone through the process before. With so much riding on getting it right, you may find it makes sense to get help so that your CRM is customized to your team’s needs. 

Who is this for? 

Pyxis’ CRM implementation services are for sales teams implementing the HubSpot CRM. Whether you’re migrating your data from another CRM or starting with HubSpot, we can help you ensure that all the tools work together for your team.

Why HubSpot? Do you implement other CRMs? 

There’s no shortage of CRM options available to sales teams. We’ve seen the inside of a lot of them, and we think HubSpot is the best mix of an enterprise-level product with consumer-level usability. We also like the seamless way it connects sales teams with marketing and success teams, allowing better integration across all revenue operations. 

If you’re evaluating a new CRM or considering a migration, we can help you determine whether HubSpot is right for your team. If you decide it is, we’re happy to help you get up and running. 

We also know there are times when other platforms like Salesforce or Dynamics are really the best fit (or making the switch won’t be worth the effort and cost), and when that’s the case, we’re happy to tell you. There may be other options for integrating HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools with your CRM that we’re happy to discuss as well.

What does CRM implementation look like? 

We’ll start by getting a clear understanding of how your team currently uses a CRM (if applicable), and what challenges and opportunities for improvement you’re observing. We’ll work with you to develop a custom process that is usable for your sales team, provides accurate reporting, and keeps track of every lead in the pipeline. 

From there, we’ll set up the CRM to work with your team’s processes, including automation, reporting, and any necessary integrations. The result is a CRM set up for cross-team alignment and a smooth, scalable sales process. 

Once we’ve completed the implementation, we’re also available to work with our clients to provide onboarding and training development services to bring their teams onto the platform.

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