Training development



Moving your sales process to HubSpot opens up new opportunities for your sales team, and it’s important that everyone knows how to take advantage of all of them. Developing customized training materials is on the to-do list for many sales organizations, but it takes an investment of time and resources that can make it daunting to start. Once we’ve helped you implement and develop processes for your CRM, we’re happy to help you take the crucial step of creating a training program and materials to help you get the most out of your CRM on an ongoing basis. 

Who is this for?

Training development is best for companies with large or distributed sales teams with complex processes, or for fast-growing companies who are scaling up their sales organizations quickly. If getting everyone up to speed on your CRM processes is a persistent challenge in your sales organization, this is for you.  

What does this look like?  

Our training development services go hand-in-hand with a CRM implementation. During the implementation process, we will have worked closely to develop a workable sales process for your team that increases productivity and revenue— and drastically reduces the amount of time your sales reps spend struggling with the CRM. 

We’ll document those processes and design resources— including flowcharts, training resources, videos, and integration with learning management systems, if applicable— that your sales team can use as a reference and that can be used to train new sales reps in the future. These resources will cover key processes and best practices in HubSpot, and can be maintained and adapted in the future. 

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