Working with us: Fractional CMOs

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Pyxis has worked with fractional CMOs on a variety of shared engagements since 2014. In that time, we’ve become experts on how to recommend and implement processes and tools that improve marketing teams’ effectiveness, efficiency, and communication with sales and service teams. 

How we help fractional CMOs win

The systems we put in place allow fractional CMOs to show how their programs drive results for the client company. Based on your strategic goals, we’re able to work with you and with the clients’ teams to ensure that campaigns are set up to leverage automation and generate actionable data.

We’re also able to coordinate work across sales and marketing teams as needed, ensuring that leads are followed up on, and that both teams are aligned on what a successful and efficient program looks like. 

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How we help your clients succeed

Over our years of working with fractional CMOs, we have developed internal processes that allow us to quickly assess a company’s existing marketing tech stack and practices. This lets us hit the ground running to set a strong foundation that brings people, processes, and platforms together.

We start by talking with key internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to learn what technical requirements they need for a successful program. From there, we share our recommendations and, once we’re aligned with the client and the CMO, we get to work quickly to build out the necessary structure for revenue teams to scale and grow. 

What we do

When we work with fractional CMOs, we may perform or recommend the following:

System evaluation

  • For CMOs and clients who are considering a new marketing automation platform or CRM, we’re able to help you run an evaluation process to see if HubSpot is the right fit, as well as make recommendations about which configuration would be the best choice.
  • If you need onboarding or implementation for HubSpot, we’re able to support you during the sales process to get the HubSpot onboarding fee waived, and provide you with a more customized onboarding experience that includes full setup. While HubSpot’s onboarding would require internal teams to manage setup themselves, Pyxis is able to perform the setup tasks for you and hand off a platform that’s ready to go based on your specific needs and goals.


New client onboarding

  • Review existing campaigns to evaluate whether they’re leveraging automation where available, and identify where there are opportunities to gather and use data to drive greater results. 
  • Review existing platform implementation and usage to understand if the right processes are set up to track success.
  • Database audit to understand health of existing database and make recommendations for cleanup.

Strategy development

  • Implementing new systems as needed, including potential full HubSpot implementation if recommended. 
  • Coordinate between sales and marketing departments on lead handoff processes and ABM best practices.

Ongoing strategic support

  • We’re able to provide ongoing support to the marketing team through a revenue operations retainer. This allows us to empower multiple revenue teams in HubSpot, ensure alignment across departments, and reduce points of friction for revenue generation. 
  • If your team needs ongoing HubSpot consulting, we can provide a consultant for a set amount of hours per month to assist with HubSpot-specific requests, including automation support, reporting, integration management, advanced campaign setup, and complex operational needs. 
  • If you have a specific need for a HubSpot-related project, we can scope out and execute these projects as needed. 

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