Farewell Jaxzen Marketing Strategies, Hello Pyxis Growth Partners

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I’m thrilled to be announcing some big news for our company today. First, some history: we began as an agency in 2011. We figured we’d be some sort of “digital agency;” how hard could it be?

But we quickly figured out that— even back in 2011—that we needed a way to differentiate ourselves. We had one-off projects that didn’t yield much ROI. We said "yes" to work we shouldn't have. But we also had a stable of clients who were sold on content marketing. Even though we had to really reach to its effectiveness early on, they could tell it would be a good investment.

So early in 2012, we decided to team up with HubSpot as an agency partner. Finally, we had a differentiator: inbound marketing. We’d take what we had been doing for our best clients, fit it into this new framework, and start proving ROI. It was going to be great!

Ok, it took a little (a lot) more than that. We learned that inbound marketing wasn't just a new service to offer, but a shift in how companies buy and sell. As we started to see what worked and what didn't, we evolved our services to support our clients.

As customers changed the way they bought, companies had to change how they marketed and sold. So we added new services to empower them. We made sure that our marketing services matched with how people bought, and that our clients were well-positioned to sell in a world where the buyer has all the power. As marketing and sales technology needs have shifted and expanded, we've worked to partner with other great platforms.

While we’d been offering these services to our clients for quite some time, we realized that our brand hadn’t kept pace. So, after nearly seven years as Jaxzen Marketing Strategies, we’re changing our name. We wanted to pick something that had more meaning behind it, and that wasn’t (as) difficult for people to spell. Here’s how we landed on the name Pyxis Growth Partners:


The name “Pyxis” is surprisingly not a nonsense word we made up. It’s actually the name of a constellation of a nautical compass in the southern sky. We feel that it has a great double meaning.

For one, the idea of a constellation was particularly interesting to us.

These days, there’s no shortage of information, new tactics, and shiny objects. Being able to determine what’s useful and what’s not is more difficult than ever. Constellations are a great metaphor for that; among the millions of stars in the sky, a few of them come together to form a big picture.

At Pyxis, one of our strengths is helping our clients decide which strategies to embrace as part of their bigger picture, and which ones are just shiny objects competing for space.

But Pyxis isn’t just any constellation: it’s a compass. A compass points out the right way to go, and that’s a great example for us to lean into. Instead of constantly charging forward in one direction, we know our job is to make constant adjustments. A compass helps travelers make those adjustments. Moving for the sake of moving is neither impressive nor helpful; it’s moving in the right direction that counts. In our work with clients, we’re constantly checking in with the data to make sure that the marketing and sales activities we’re doing will help move us closer to the goal.

Growth Partners

When we started as Jaxzen Marketing Strategies, we were (as the name suggests) a marketing agency. While we still love doing marketing, a lot of what we’re focused on now spans across a broader range of revenue operations. We wanted our new name to reflect the whole array of our capabilities.

Generating leads is still very important to what we do, but closing leads is the end goal. So we've expanded into sales enablement, sales and marketing alignment, and sales process development. Great companies know that quality customer service is key for growth, so we’re experimenting with how we can connect customer service to growth, too.

So farewell Jaxzen Marketing Strategies. Hello Pyxis Growth Partners.

Interested in working with a growth agency? Reach out. We’re open for business.