Modern companies are dealing with more data than ever before. They’re challenged like never before to keep up with everything. Yet, logging in to every service you use regularly to see how it’s performing is time-consuming, and worse, doesn’t typically give you the insights you need to succeed.

Databox is a dashboard solution that solves that problem. Instead being yet one more thing to log in to, it pulls from over 60 different data sources to give you one centralized reporting location. No longer do you need everyone on your team to submit their information into one master spreadsheet, or spend hours compiling end of the month reports. Instead you can connect your data sources directly to Databox and use it to aggregate all of your information.

Looking to track when you hit a sales goal, marketing milestone, or revenue target? With Databox, you can create custom alerts that work best with your existing preferences so that every person on your team can see where they are in relation to their goals.

Who is this a good fit for

Databox is great for any teams that are dealing with multiple services that generate data, such as:

  • Marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Development teams
  • Analytics teams

Why we recommend it

At Pyxis Growth Partners, we’re big believers in Databox. In addition to being one of their premiere partners, we set up all of our clients with live dashboards for all of their key metrics. We believe in transparency with our clients, and this gives us a great way for them to monitor information as often as the like.

What we use it for and how it helps

By integrating Databox into our services, we’re able to deliver better results. Rather than spending hours each month pulling together reports, we instead focus on spending time analyzing data and developing new strategies for moving our clients close to their goals.

Our Results

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