How we increased leads by 236% in one quarter using LinkedIn advertising



Fuse Workforce Management



  • Generate 50 new leads a month (or 150 for the quarter) from our starting point of 70 new leads total in Q1.


  • Use LinkedIn advertising to amplify content we created for Fuse Workforce Management.
  • Refine the audience by identifying the correct job titles for various kinds of HR professionals and excluding ads from employees who worked for competitors.

Key Results

  • 236% increase in new leads during Q1 with 19% coming from sustainable organic search and social media sources.
  • 217% increase in new contacts over Q1.

About Fuse Workforce Management

Fuse Workforce Management is a Human Resources Management System Provider. They primarily focus on companies with 200 to 1000 employees that are looking to transition to a more integrated Payroll and HR Solution. Their all-in-one platform includes time and attendance, benefit management, and many other functions.

The challenge

HR professionals had a lot of expected changes in 2016, including updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the tougher enforcement of the Affordable Care Act. These are high-stakes compliance issues for HR professionals, so they generated a lot of interest and concern from Fuse’s target audience. It was important for Fuse Workforce Management to position themselves to take advantage of this increased interest.  

Additionally, the specifics of the ACA and FLSA regulation changes made it especially important for companies to be able to account for how many hours all of their employees were working. The resulting uptick in interest in time and attendance solutions also presented a huge opportunity for Fuse Workforce Management.

The solution

Having already incorporated detailed keyword research and mapped out the buyer’s journey the previous year, Pyxis Growth Partners had created targeted useful content about ACA and FLSA compliance, and helped to grow organic traffic to Fuse Workforce Management’s site

With that healthy organic traffic as a starting point, Pyxis Growth Partners started to try out LinkedIn advertising as a way to amplify the content we had created, and to generate more traffic and leads from it. Our goal was to generate 50 new leads a month (or 150 for the quarter), from our starting point of 70 new leads total in Q1 in 2016.

When we started working with Fuse Workforce Management in 2015, we conducted in-depth persona research, which has helped guide our content creation from the beginning. This information continued to prove useful in our efforts to increase lead generation.

Armed with a clear understanding of our audience, we were able to narrow down the audience who would see our advertising on LinkedIn by identifying the correct job titles for various kinds of HR professionals. We were also able to exclude ads from employees who worked for competitors, which allowed us to get the best results out of the ad budget.

The LinkedIn ads presented useful content offers on topics such as ACA and FLSA compliance and best practices for time and attendance management and record-keeping.

The results

A combination of organic traffic and a limited amount of LinkedIn advertising helped us to exceed our ambitious lead-generation goal.

Our goal was to increase leads generated from 70 total in Q1 (an average of 23 per month) to an average of 50 per month in Q2. In Q2, we generated 165 new leads for Fuse Workforce Management, increasing over Q1 by about 236%.

Surprisingly, the addition of paid social advertising accounted for only 19% of these new leads. This meant that the organic search and social media practices we had in place were sustainable to continue generating leads, even without a large advertising budget.

In addition to the new leads generated, we also saw substantial growth in the number of new contacts. In Q1, Fuse had gotten 66 new contacts, and in Q2 that number jumped 217% to 143 new contacts.

Despite the impressive results generated by the addition of paid social advertising, we were especially excited to see that our existing efforts in generating organic traffic and creating useful content were contributing so strongly to the healthy growth Fuse saw in Q2 of 2016. By finding the niche in the market where Fuse’s expertise and their personas’ points of interest meet, Pyxis Growth Partners has been able to build a sustainable marketing program that will continue to work for Fuse Workforce Management well into the future.

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