How content can help your sales team close more deals

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Organizations often look at sales and marketing as two separate groups. Marketing produces the leads while the sales team turns those leads into customers.

But is this the best approach?

Today, prospects read an average of five blog posts before they ever talk to a salesperson. People prefer to do their own research, and smart companies will need to adapt to a more customer-centric approach to get ahead. Using valuable content in your sales process is an effective way to give customers the information they want while helping you close more deals.

Let’s look at three powerful ways content can improve your sales team’s results.

1. Address objections with targeted content

Salespeople know all too well the obstacles they face when trying to close prospects. Crafting the perfect rebuttal to objections is hard—especially when you’re stressed over an important sales call. Why not have marketers help out?

Marketers can write targeted content to eliminate prospects’ objections earlier in the marketing funnel. This type of content resonates with prospects because it addresses their specific concerns and shows that you understand their problems.

Salespeople can reference this content to refresh their knowledge on common sticking points. They can also send these articles to clients in follow-up emails as helpful resources to re-engage with prospects in their pipeline.

2. Generate more leads

A common problem for sales reps is to not have enough sales qualified leads (SQLs). A lack of leads is often the result of companies not understanding the modern buying cycle.

Today, prospects have already made 80% of their purchase decision before reaching out to your company. For effective marketing, create content that gives your company a voice in the early stages of the buying process.

The key to reaching prospects early is to map out your content according to the buyer’s journey. The buyer's journey is the framework of steps customers take before they buy your solution.

Create content to address the following stages of the buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness: The prospect feels the symptoms of a problem and starts looking for a solution.

  • Consideration: The prospect has identified a few possible solutions and tries to determine which one makes the most sense.

  • Decision: The prospect is now well-educated on their chosen solution and is narrowing down which company to buy from.

3. Win customers over with case studies

Before prospects are ready to buy, they need to decide which company to go with. Prospects will invest their valuable time and money into your solution if they have proof you can deliver. So how do you win them over?

Without a doubt, case studies are the best type of content for the decision phase. The reason is simple: case studies show what your company can do. They address prospect’s lingering doubts and gets them to take that all-important next step.

An amazing case study will show how easy—even enjoyable—it is to work with your business. After seeing an amazing customer result, a prospect shouldn’t just decide to hire your company. They should be downright excited to get started.

Start creating content that sells

Content is a powerful method for improving sales, but it’s also time-consuming and requires specialized skills. So how does an eager company go about implementing these strategies?

The best first step is to get a free marketing consultation from true experts.

As a HubSpot-certified inbound marketing agency, Pyxis Growth is the perfect team to help you craft a custom marketing solution for your business. With a free consultation, we’ll help you evaluate your current strategy, identify areas of improvement, and even forecast how much more money you can make by implementing our recommendations.

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